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Name: Professor Brenda S. A. Yeoh
Resident Country/Region: Singapore
Affiliated Institute: Department of Geography = National University of Singapore
Position: leader of the research cluster on Asian Migrations at the Asia Research Institute. Currently, she is Principal Investigator of the Asian MetaCentre for Population and Sustainable Development Analysis (funded by the Wellcome Trust, UK)
Geographic Focuses: Asia , Singapore , China
Fields of Interest: Historical Landscapes and Heritage Gender , Space and Place Changing Landscapes of Singapore Development of Geographic Thought , Migrant women as paid domestic labour Transnational labour migration and the family in Southeast Asia British and Singaporean skilled migration to China Globalising cities Cosmopolitan cities Fertility , the family and intergenerational relationships in Singapore Research Interests the politics of space in colonial and postcolonial cities landscapes of heritage global cities , transnationalism and diaspora gender and migration health geographies
Contact Information: Address: AS2/04-16 (office)

Tel: 65 6874 5281

Fax: 65 6777 3091

Web Site:
Academic Achievements:

1. Education and Career

2. Honors

3. Publications

Education and Career

Dr Brenda S.A. Yeoh read geography at Cambridge and went on to complete her doctorate at Oxford University. She also holds a Diploma-in-Education from the Institute of Education, Singapore.

Appointments Held:

Jun 1986 - Apr 1987 General Education Officer, Victoria Junior College, Singapore

May 1987 – Feb 1988 Senior Tutor, Department of Geography, National University of Singapore

May 1991 – Dec 1995 Lecturer, Department of Geography, National University of Singapore (Aug – Dec 1998, redesignated Assistant Professor)

Jan 1999 – Dec 2004 Associate Professor, Department of Geography, National University of Singapore

July 2004 - present Research Leader, Migration Research Cluster, Asia Research Institute, NUS

January 2005 - present Professor, Department of Geography, National University of Singapore

Key University Administrative Positions:

1996 – 1997 Acting Deputy Head, Department of Geography

1998 – 2001 Director, Centre for Advanced Studies

1999 Vice-Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

2000 Associate Dean, Office of Research and Graduate Studies
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Academic Awards:

North Senior Scholarship, St John's College, Oxford (1990-91)

FASS Teaching Excellence Award (1994)

Fulbright Scholarship, attached to the Department of Geography, University of California, Berkeley (2000)

Outstanding University Researcher Award (2000), awarded by NUS for research on transnational migration and global cities
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Other Information

Editorial Boards of Peer Reviewed Journals:

Gender, Place and Culture (International Advisory Board member, 2001-2004; Editor, 2004 - present)
Ecumene: A Journal of Environment, Culture and Meaning , renamed Cultural Geographies (International Advisory Board member)
Geoforum (Editorial Board member)
Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography (Editorial Board member, 1991-1996; Editor, 1996-2000; Book Review Editor, 2000 - present)
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies (Editorial Advisory Board member)
Asia-Pacific Migration Journal (International Advisory Board member)
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