Search Instructions

1. Author Search

Enter European, Indian, Japanese and American style names with the last name (surname) first, followed by a comma, and then the personal name. You may also enter the last name by itself to see a list of individuals with that surname. Do not enter honorific titles that begin names such as Dr., Tan Sri, Haji, professor etc.



      Carstens, Sharon

      Richardson, Michael

      Yamada, Yoshi

Enter Malay names in normal fashion without a comma.


      Mahathir bin Mohamad

      Abdul Rafie Mahat

Enter Chinese names in usual order with a comma after the family name.


      Wang, Gungwu

      Tan, Elizabeth

Note: You may search in upper or lower case letters.

2. Title Search

If you know the exact title of a book or article, you may search for this by entering the title of the work keeping word in the correct order. You do not need to enter the entire title to retrieve a list of records. You may drop articles such as "the", "a" and "an" if these words begin the title.


      Nanhai trade

Heavy metal pollution in Malaysian rivers.
3. Keyword searches

You may combine keyword in the search boxes provided to locate resources on your topic. Using the pull-down menus to select one of the Boolean operators: and, or, not.


      Financial and crisis and Malaysia

      Exports and Brunei

      Pollution or heavy metals or pesticides

      Corruption not Singapore

4. Subject Searches

Enter a term or phrase that is designated Library of Congress Subject Heading. ONly such subject headings may be searched using this field.


      Ethnic groups

      Ethnic groups - Malaysia

      Financial crises - Malaysia

      Elections - Singapore

5. Limiting Searches by Language

You may limit your search by language for Malay and English. Use the pull-down menu provided, to select the codes for Malay or English to retrieve materials in the chosen language. Select "All" to retrieve materials in all languages.

6. Limiting Searches by Year
You may enter a range of years in the boxes provided to retrieve only items published during this time.




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